By Nadia Avis.


nadia-avisLet me first mention that I had an amazing time at ProBono.Org. I was so proud to be able to job shadow in such an organisation. It gave me a chance to see people who genuinely care about their community. Before I went to ProBono.Org I thought selfishly: Why would I want to study only to end up having to work for free? However, after being at ProBono.Org and being exposed to all the amazing work that is done there, I now understand how great a feeling it is to be helping someone, not because you have to but because you want to.

I had set my heart on going to ProBono.Org and I when I got accepted I was thrilled. Firstly, in my opinion, the office has such a cool location. As I stood in the offices, I thought how moving it was to be in the same place where a prisoner stood 50 years before me.

Generally, I learnt a lot about the field of law, along with a number of other things. I was asked to make a spreadsheet on Excel, I had an opportunity to read about different cases that interested me (one of them was the Grootboom vs the Republic of South Africa case) and was taught how to write a brief. I was also taken on a very informative tour of the Constitutional Court and the Women’s Gaol. I was informed about the Government Gazette and encouraged to do a bit of research. Even though I was not a regular employee, I had this amazing feeling coming in every day and knowing that there would always be someone to help me.

I was also truly impressed by the people that work at ProBono.Org: one could see that everyone was really passionate about what they are doing and all of them seemed happy to be able to do something worthwhile every day.

I really enjoyed my time at ProBono.Org and I think that the work that is done there is amazing. It also gives me hope to know that even if someone cannot afford legal services, there is an organisation like this that can help them.

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