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We harness the enormous skill, might and strength of the South African private legal profession to cases and clients that we identify. Our existence is a response to the lack of access to justice for people in South African who are unable to pay for their own private legal representation. Section 34 of our Constitution, giving everyone the right to have any dispute resolved by the application of law decided in a fair public hearing before a court, or… another independent and impartial tribunal or forum, has no meaning whatsoever, if a person is unable to afford representation. ProBono.Org has as its goal, the creation of sufficient free legal representation for all who need it.

Legal practitioners soldier on for eight years despite numerous difficulties

-It is with pleasure and relief that we announce the final closure of one of our most challenging and difficult cases in the One Child A Year (OCAY) campaign.

The employers’ benefit under Section 37D of the Pension Fund Act

A retirement fund is built up through the contributions of both the employer and employee over the course of the employee’s employment. It attempts to hold the employers accountable, to make pay-outs to employees at their retirement age and not leave them impoverished.

The role of teachers in protecting learners outside the school

Access to justice for children is defined by UNICEF as “the ability of children to obtain a remedy when their rights are being violated, not respected or denied”. Children, like their adult counterparts, have rights and disputes that require legal remedies. Due to the nature of a child, children usually do not have the ability to obtain a legal remedy on their own. In this case, parents and/or guardians take on the duty to represent the children and to ensure that their rights are not violated…

The Children’s Act fails to recognise permanent life partners as legal parents of children conceived through artificial insemination

Since the recently-decided High Court case of Jane Bwanya vs The Master of the High Court, the Constitutional Court affirmed and acknowledged the reality of the many diversified families that exist within South African society…

Happening Now

The rights of unmarried fathers in South Africa

The rights of unmarried fathers in South Africa

At the outset, it is important to grasp that parental rights and responsibilities primarily refer to the care, contact and maintenance of a minor child. Furthermore, an unmarried father does not have automatic parental rights and responsibilities. The Act that governs...


Attorneys can now sign up online to do pro bono work

600+ legal practitioners providing up to R30 million worth of pro bono work per annum

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Legal representation will ensure that the constitutional promise of access to justice is available to all. 

- Former Chief Justice, Sandile Ngcobo

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What We Do

Services to clients

ProBono.Org screens, matches and refers clients to volunteer private lawyers. These are some of our services…

Services to lawyers

ProBono.Org provides opportunities for legal practitioners to fulfill their pro bono obligations through referring clients for legal assistance.

General Services

ProBono.Org establishes links and builds bridges between the private legal sector and the public interest legal needs of the poor.

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