Article published in Probono.Org June 2016 Newsletter.

On 25 June 2015 our offices sent out a request for assistance on behalf of a young man in need of financial assistance from his biological father. This young man had previously been removed from his family home (due to substance abuse) and placed with his elderly aunts by the Children’s Court. Although this placement was secure, the aunts were both on pension and not in a position to care for this boy financially.

The young man (we will call him C) brought a maintenance application in court, requesting financial support from his father. However, his father, who also appointed a legal team to argue the matter, opposed this application. C felt intimidated and overwhelmed by this and sought assistance to see this application through.

Jonathan Small and Sune Bosch of Ramsden Small Attorneys accepted the instruction and assisted C in arguing in court for financial support from his father. The application was heard in May this year and after hearing argument for both sides, the court granted C maintenance in the sum of R5000 per month.

C is now enrolled for further studies and hopes to complete a financial degree.

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