2024 marks South Africa’s 7th democratic elections.

This equates to 6 five-year terms, adding up to 30 years of democracy.

Our campaign of 30 Cases, 30 Attorneys for 30 Years of Democracy seeks to encourage legal practitioners to perform their pro bono duties in their respective practices to celebrate this milestone of our constitutional democracy.

ProBono.Org is campaigning for more attorneys to sign up to our panel of volunteer practitioners.

According to StatsSA, an estimated 10.7 million people were employed in the formal non- agricultural sector in the fourth quarter of 2023. Most people in this country rely on social grants to get by. So, what happens when they find themselves unfairly dismissed, threatened with eviction, experience domestic violence or are unable to register their children in school because they are undocumented minors? That is where ProBono.Org steps in to help by providing access to a private lawyer at no cost.

As the only legal clearing house in South Africa with only three offices around the country, ProBono.Org is burdened with hundreds of requests daily. We link clients with private legal practitioners to assist with civil matters such as divorces, deceased estates, refugee law, wills, child law, housing and labour law. excluding criminal cases, RAF, institution of evictions, contractual claims and tax. By consulting with the clients and drafting case memorandums our service removes much of the administrative burden and saves time for the attorneys and counsel. We have received a total of 798 cases between January to

March and are in desperate need of legal assistance across our three offices.

We hope that this initiative will encourage more legal practitioners to assist us in trying to improve access to justice for the vulnerable and marginalized. We will then use our social media platforms to profile the successful cases.

To be a part of this initiative and democratic milestone, kindly use the attached link to sign up https://probono.org.za/ attorney-sign-up-new

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