Article by: Annelie du Plessis

ProBono.Org is implementing a new project this year, that aims to improve the quality of the service we offerMentorship-Project our clients, by focusing on mentorship.

The aim of this project is to link less experienced attorneys and advocates with more experienced legal professionals in the field who can guide, advise and assist them. Those unfamiliar with a new area of law may wish to ask a mentor about specific matters, strategies to adopt in cases, procedures applicable, policy and legislative developments and other pertinent information that may afford our clients a better quality service.

We believe that this platform, facilitated by our offices, will provide an invaluable chance for knowledgeable practitioners to provide information, pass on knowledge and enhance the capacity of lawyers who are starting out or are not familiar with a new area of law.

We hope to recruit mentors in all our projects (covering issues of housing, family, consumer, refugee and
child law) to be of assistance to new and existing
legal practitioners on our panel. In this way, mentors fulfill their pro bono hours, while the mentees will

be supported, gaining a different perspective and/
or learning a new skill. We believe this can be done telephonically, electronically or in some cases in person.

If you would like to sign up to be a mentor please contact: or

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