“Over the past years it has become abundantly clear that there is a shortage of private attorneys, social workers and psychologists to assist the Divorce and Children’s Courts on a pro bono basis. The magistrates have had a very small pool of attorneys who have raised their hands to assist. But this is all about to change.

We are proud to announce that the Germiston Magistrate’s Court, together with the magistrates of the Children’s Court, various legal representatives, social workers and psychologists are working together to assist fathers, mothers and children who cannot afford private attorneys, social workers and psychologists. This initiative brings these role players to the aid of the court and the magistrates on a daily basis, according to a roster.

One of the regular pro bono attorneys in the Children’s Court reached out to the court, surrounding attorneys, social workers, psychologists and mediators towards the end of 2023. The aim is simple – to assist the court with additional commissioners at the Small Claims Court, to obtain private attorneys to assist the Divorce and Children’s Courts with legal
representation for minor children in particular, but also for the parents and third parties, and to obtain social workers, psychologists and mediators to assist on a pro bono basis when needed.

While all this may seem simple, it has to be acknowledged that all these role players have full schedules of work. However, they are willing to sacrifice their time and either waive or reduce their fees and be ready when called upon to act.
We hope that this initiative will inspire other professionals to step in to assist and strengthen the relationship between the community and the court but, most importantly, to assist those who would otherwise not be in a position to obtain the assistance they require.

ProBono.Org will register the pro bono hours for the legal practitioners who accept cases that comply with its means test (available at www. probono.org.za)

The best interests of minor children will remain the top priority and we will ensure that their voices are heard, whilst protecting their rights to the fullest.

If you would like to participate, please contact Charl Albasini at mari@ albasiniatt.com

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