ProBono.Org and the Law Society for the Northern Provinces (LSNP) have opened a joint pro bono office in the Kutlwanong Democracy Centre in Pretoria in April, aiding the community and providing local lawyers with access to pro bono work. This initiative was motivated by the idea of combining the two organisations’ systems of undertaking pro bono work in order to advance the promotion of access to justice in all provinces under the jurisdiction of the LSNP. The collaboration brings distinct value: ProBono.Org will continue to use its approach of encouraging attorneys to undertake pro bono work in a number of interesting ways, and the LSNP will use its statutory ability to implement the 24 hours per annum pro bono rule to bring attorneys into the fold.

The office will also accommodate legal clinics and projects in which attorneys may participate to provide their services,.  The office  will focus on all issues of public interest that affect the poorer members of our community, including family law, domestic violence, maintenance, estates, housing, credit and consumer law.

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