The ProBono.Org Johannesburg office hosted its annual Women’s Day on 2 August 2017. The event was attended by women from Orange Farm, Tembisa, Kagiso and our local clients. This year’s topic was Divorce, Mediation, Parenting Plans and Settlement Agreements, which was presented by our keynote speaker Advocate Veerash Srikison.

The more than 20 volunteer attorneys who attended the event held individual consultations with clients and received a presentation on Collaborative Practice in Divorces by Marissa Galloway-Bailey of the Collaborative Network. Further presentations for the community members present were given by the Teddy Bear Clinic, the Dobsonville Advice Centre, the South African Police Services and Street Law presenters from UNISA.

To make our Women’s Day even more memorable, Advocate Srikison facilitated the provision of gifts from Ackermans, Roman’s Pizza, Essay Magazine and Mama’s and Papa’s Magazine. Grateful thanks to our guest speaker and the NPOs, NGOs, volunteer attorneys, sponsors and the Johannesburg staff team for making this day a success.


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