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The resources In this section contain useful information on areas relevant to our work.

This includes fact sheets, legislation, case law, research and videos relating to Family Law, Wills, Deceased Estates, HIV/AIDS, Housing and Consumer Law.


1. Commemorating World AIDS Day

2. Stop HIV/AIDS and TB stigma

3. The Criminal Justice System and HIV/AIDS

4. Accessing health care services by persons living with HIV/AIDS

5. Raising awareness on the rights of persons living with TB


1. Commemorating World AIDS Day
Speakers: Candice Pillay (Lawtons Africa) & Nikki Stein (Thulamela Chambers)

Speakers: Khemraj Prem Behari (Former Magistrate), Emily Craven (SWEAT) & Sheena Swemmer (Centre for Applied Legal Studies)

2. Reducing HIV/AIDS and TB Stigma

Speakers: Emma Webber (Victoria Mxenge Group) & Mabalane Mfundisi (Show me your Number)

3. Criminal Justice System and People living with HIV/AIDS

Speakers: Khemraj Prem Behari (Former Magistrate), Emily Craven (SWEAT) & Sheena Swemmer (Centre for Applied Legal Studies)

4. Accessing Health Care Services by Person living with HIV/AIDS

Speakers: Naeema Abrahams (Medical Research Council) & Sasha Stevenson (Section 27)

5. The Legal Framework Protecting Persons living with TB

Speakers: Lusanda Raphulu (Bowmans)

6. Children Living with HIV/AIDS & TB – Violations and Remedies

Speakers: Sheniece Linderboom (Section 27) & Morgan Courtenay (Bridge Group)

7. The Impact of HIV/AIDS & TB on the LGBTIQ+ community – the Law and Rememdies

Speakers: Keketso Kgomosotho (Baker Mckenzie) & Moude Maodi-Swartz (OUT)

8. Using the Equality Court against HIV/AIDS & TB Discrimination.

Speakers: Anton Kok (University of Pretoria) & Jackson Mzila (South African Human Rights Commission)

9. HIV/AIDS & TB Discrimination – Claims under the Employment Equity Act

Speaker: Andrew Goldberg (Goldberg Attorneys)

Legal Resource:

◊ HIV/TB and the Law – A Legal Resource

Reducing Human Rights-related Barriers to HIV & TB Services for Key and Vulnerable Populationst


◊ PEPUDA (Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination)

Keywords: equality, equality court, harassment, hate speech, HIV/AIDS status, prohibited grounds, unfair discrimination

◊ Employment Equity Act No. 55 of 1998

Keywords: employment, equality, harassment, HIV, unfair discrimination

◊ Criminal Law (Sexual Offences and Related Matters) Amendment Act No. 32 of 2007

Keywords: 4.Criminal Law (Sexual Offences and Related Matters) Amendment Act No. 32 of 2007
Keywords: compulsory HIV testing, post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), rape, sexual assault, rape

◊ The National Health Act

Keywords: free health care services, health, rights and duties of users and health care personnel

◊ Code of Good Practice: Key aspects of HIV/AIDS and employment

Keywords: access, AIDS, confidentiality, counselling, disclosure, discrimination, employment, equality, gender, HIV, stigma, testing, treatment, workplace


Dwenga and Others v Surgeon-General of the South African Military Health Services and Others (40844/2013) [2014] ZAGPPHC 727 (26 September 2014)

Keywords: blanket exclusion, dignity, employment, HIV positive, SANDF, unfair discrimination


Irvin & Johnson Limited v Trawler & Line Fishing Union & others [2003] (4) BLLR 379 (SALC)

Keywords: compulsory testing, confidentiality, employment, HIV Status, informed choice, involuntary testing


Allpass v Mooikloof Estates (Pty) Ltd Case No. JS178/09; 2011 ZALCJHB 7; 2011 (2) SA 638 (LC); 2011 5 BLLR 462 (LC); (2011) 32 ILJ 1637 (LC)

Keywords: Discrimination, disclosure, employment, HIV status, LGBTI, sexual orientation


NM and others v Smith and others (CCT69/05) 2007 ZACC

Keywords: consent, disclosure, HIV status, publication, media law

Minister of Health v Treatment Action Campaign 2002 ZACC 15; 2002 (5) SA 721; 2002 (10) BCLR 103

Keywords: access to medicine, antiretrovirals, children, essential medicines, health funding, HIV, maternal health, HIV, public health care, health law


 ◊ VRM v Health Professions Council of South Africa 2002 ZAGPHC

Keywords: consent, counseling, informed choice, testing, medical profession


 Hoffman v South African Airways (CCT17/00) 2000 ZACC 17; 2001 (1) SA 1; 2000 (11) BCLR 1211; 2000 12 BLLR 1365 (CC) (28 September 2000)

Keywords: discrimination, employment, HIV, HIV testing


 Joy Mining Machinery v National Union of Metal Workers J158/02; 2002 ZALC 7

Keywords: employment, confidentiality, counseling, HIV status, informed choice, testing


 Harksen v Lane NO and Others (CCT9/97) 1997 ZACC 12; 1997 (11) BCLR 1489; 1998 (1) SA 300 (7 October 1997)

Note: Facts of the case not related to HIV/AIDS. A useful case for the interpretation of “other” ground of unfair discrimination under Constitutional “Equality Clause”.
Keywords: discrimination, equality, “other” ground


 National Coalition for Gay and Lesbian Equality and Others v Minister of Home Affairs and Others (CCT10/99) 1999 ZACC 17; 2000 (2) SA 1; 2000 (1) BCLR 39 (2 December 1999)

Note: Facts of the case not related to HIV/AIDS. A useful case that discrimination can be on more than one ground.
Keywords: discrimination, equality, sexual orientation


 JNP Jansen van Vuuren and another NNO v MJ Kruger 1993 4 SA 842 (AD)

Keywords: disclosure, HIV, HIV status, privacy, medical profession


 CV v Minister of Correctional Services 1996 (4) SA 292 (T)

Keywords: HIV, informed consent, pre-test counseling, prisoners


◊ SALC Litigation Manual Series – Equal rights for all Litigating cases of HIV discrimination (Sep 2011)

◊ SALC Litigation Manual Series – Litigating Cases of HIV Testing and Confidentiality of Status Final (Sep 2012)

◊ SALC – HIV Criminalisation Defence Case Compendium (Feb 2018)

◊ UNAIDS HIV and Universal Health Coverage – A Guide for Civil Society (2020)



◊ How rape survivors’ long-term risk of HIV infection can lead to heavier sentences for rapists – Dec 2020

Keyword: gender-based violence, HIV, rape

Rape increases the long-term risk of contracting HIV – an issue South Africa must take seriously – Dec 2020

Keyword: gender-based violence, HIV, rape

The people living with HIV Stigma Index 2014

Keyword: stigma


Summary of the Report on HIV Stigma Index Survey South Africa 2015

Keyword: stigma



ProBono.Org – Commemorating World AIDS Day Webinar 1 Dec 2020 Recording

Summary: The objective of the webinar was to galvanize legal practitioners to undertake pro bono work in respect of HIV/AIDS. (~60min)

ProBono.ORG – Commemorating World AIDS Day Introduction Video

Summary: The first video in a series of videos to better equip pro bono legal practitioners to advise and assist persons living with HIV/AIDS in realizing their human rights. (~5min)

Radio 786 

ProBono.Org Cape Town has collaborated with Radio 786 on a bi-monthly basis to discuss topical issues during the radio station’s Legal Hour. Members of ProBono.Org’s panel of voluntary legal practitioners who have availed themselves to be interviewed discuss various legal issues with radio host Ayoob Allie to empower members of Western Cape communities. Topics range from Child & Spousal Maintenance, Marital Regimes and Deceased Estates.

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◊ Child Maintenance

◊ Right and Responsibilities of Parents


What about . . . bullying! Leon Forsman Mediator

Probono – Mediation:

Probono – Migrants and Refugees.

◊ Bullying and Mediation

Restorative Justice for School Bullying


◊ 1. Divorce Summons and Annexures

◊ Substituted service


◊ Rules of Intestate Succession – English

◊ Rules of Intestate Succession – Isizulu


◊ Importance of a Will – English

◊ Importance of a Will – Isizulu


◊ 2008 DOJCD Dom Violence Guidelines.pdf

◊ Domestic Violence Act.pdf

◊ Domesticviolence Guide WLC.pdf


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