On 28 March we were visited by representatives of the C S Mott Foundation, who have supported our Community Advice Office Support Programme for a number of years. Visiting from the US were:

Neal Hegarty – Vice President for
Shannon Lawder – Civil Society
Program Director
Benita Melton – Education Program
Sam Passmore – Environment
Program Director
Kimberly Roberson – Flint Program
Mamo Mohapi – Civil Society
Program Officer
Lorenzo Wakefield – Civil Society
Program Officer

The team visited the ProBono.Org offices in Johannesburg and met with National Director Teresa Yates, who gave an overview of the history and work of ProBono.Org and discussed the location of the advice offices and paralegals within our overall strategy.

The visitors then travelled to one of the CAOs in Dobsonville and met with the paralegal Martha Chauke. Martha explained the work of the CAO and noted some of the challenges. She also noted and expressed appreciation for the partnership with ProBono.Org. One team member noted that she has worked with C S Mott for 25 years and had not had an opportunity to visit an advice office during that time. She was happy to “finally get to visit one and see the work.”

Mr. Hegarty’s thank you note to the National Director noted: “[b]etween your work at a high level at ProBono.Org and the more direct work of serving clients in the community at Dobsonville, we came away with a very rich understanding and appreciation of the work.”

ProBono.Org thanks the C S Mott Foundation for their continuing generous support for our work and partnerships with the Dobsonville and other CAOs.

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