By Neo Chokoe

The National Credit Act is known for the much needed shift it brought into the market for consumers and credit providers alike.

ProBono.Org Pretoria saw fit to have a training session on certain aspects of the Act for attorneys and advocates. The training took place at Spoor and Fisher Attorneys, Centurion and was conducted by Franciscus Haupt from the University of Pretoria Law Clinic. The key aspects of the Act which he addressed were reckless lending, the shortfalls in the National Credit Act, incidental agreements as well as the correct application of the in duplum rule.

The main purpose of the training was to educate attorneys and advocates on the provisions of the Act and to shed light on how they are to be applied. This served as a basis for assisting legal representatives not only to understand the Act but to properly apply it when assisting our clients and provide tailored legal advice and services.

It is imperative that legal practitioners are well informed and kept up to date with legislation. As we know, law is not cast in stone but remains ever changing. We firmly believe that knowledge is emancipating and the most important part of our mandate as a general legal clearing house is to capacitate attorneys and advocates in the legal profession to assist our clients efficiently.

Many thanks to Mr Franciscus Haupt for an informative presentation, Spoor and Fisher for providing us with a venue for the training and attorneys who took time off from their busy schedules to come and attend the session.

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