The decision whether to vaccinate or not is a difficult one. There are concerns that the vaccine is experimental and can have serious sideeffects. But this can be said of many things that we consume on a daily basis. When one looks at the research done by experts in the field and medical professionals, studies have shown that the vaccine prevents people who contract COVID-19 from getting seriously ill or dying. Moreover, the majority of health care workers were not only willing, but desperate, to avail themselves of the vaccine. Vaccination is our only hope to getting this virus under control. It has worked with polio and smallpox and can definitely work here too.

When one looks at the advantages and benefits of being vaccinated, staff at the Durban office of ProBono.Org knew that vaccination was the way to go. As there are many people who are unable to get vaccinated due, for example, to being under the age of 18 or because they have allergies or certain illnesses which preclude them from accessing the vaccine, we felt that it was the responsible thing to vaccinate. All staff at the Durban office who were eligible to vaccinate have had at least one dose to date.

Here are some comments from staff at the Durban office:

I believe that we have a duty to protect those more vulnerable than ourselves. Having a young child, my fear throughout the pandemic has not just been for myself. I have also been worried about contracting COVID-19 and passing it on to him. Now that I’ve received both doses, I feel an enormous sense of relief in that regard.”

Shamika Dwarika, Regional Director

Although I was afraid at first, I was really excited to get vaccinated as this meant that I would be a step closer to living in a COVID free environment. Getting vaccinated means protecting myself and my loved ones from getting the virus. It also felt like a civic duty to restore a sense a normalcy to the general public.”

Mayenziwe Khoza, Intern

“I was excited and happy to receive my first dose of the vaccine and I am eager to receive my second dose so that I can be fully vaccinated. It feels like I am doing my bit to help society fight this virus and return to normal. No more masks!!!”

Seshni Govender, Staff Attorney

“Now that I have been vaccinated, I feel more protected against the coronavirus. I also feel good knowing that my decision to get vaccinated means I am also keeping the people that I am in regular contact with, such as colleagues and family, safe.”

Ntandoyenkosi Mkize, Intern

“I am someone who has always believed in the power of choice and also believed that our choices affect us and those around us. I chose to get vaccinated because I want to protect myself and those around me as much as it is within my abilities, and I am happy with my choice.”

Gugulethu Makhanya, Administrator

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