The future of our profession hangs in the balance and the Legal Practice Bill (‘LPB’) must remain the focus of
my contribution to Advocate. I suspect that it will continue to enjoy that focus in future issues as well because I am of the view that every member must be fully appraised of the developments (or lack thereof).
On 24 November 2010 the GCB’s negotiating team met with representatives of the Department of Justice (DoJ)
lead by the DoJ’s Mr JB Skosana. Arising out of that discussion I wrote to the Minister on 1 December 2010 and
the full text of that letter is reproduced below. On 10 December 2010 Mr Skosana acknowledged receipt of my
letter to the Minister.
On 3 February 2011, I again wrote to Mr Skosana in the following terms:
‘I refer to my email to you dated 1 December 2010 enclosing my detailed letter to the Minister and to your response dated 10 December 2010, both of which are appended below.
Please be advised that I look forward to the “ …Minister’s response to the letter or his reply…” and his “…[guidance] on how the concerns raised in the letter need to be addressed… ” as promised by you.

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