It is with some sadness that after eleven very special and fulfilling years at Probono.Org, I have decided to step down. These years have been incredibly rewarding and enriching and I have enjoyed so much seeing the organisation grow and blossom in front of my eyes.

My time at ProBono.Org has been exciting, periodically demanding, and yet very satisfying. I have met a wide range of incredible people from the donor world, from the private legal fraternity and from civil society organisations. All have supported and backed my work in different ways which has been so very encouraging. Perhaps the most special and significant experience I have had has been seeing how our collective effort has improved the lives of the many thousands of impoverished and vulnerable people who have been our clients every year. So many of them have been able to access legal remedies that have made a vast difference to their lives and each success story has been extremely heartening.

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